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These pages contain more information about On The Move and the Longsight Transport Project.

All of these are free to download. For most of them, you will need to have installed Adobe Reader.

briefings about the work of the Longsight Transport Project

feedback about On The Move

Better Buses and Safer Streets
Consultation, 2003

work on local bus services

responses to consultations, local and national

Phil and Graeme fix a bike. Phil and Graeme (pictured) have been enlivening the air waves at 10am every Tuesday since March 2006 with the On The Move radio programme. It can be found at 96.9FM on Levenshulme's ALL FM.

It's the only, and quite possibly the best, radio show to bring together news, music, chat, transport and travel under the simple motto 'It's not for trainspotters'.

And it's not. It's for people who need to be able to get around easily to enjoy their lives in full - whether that's going to see friends, to the shops or to work or school. It's the show that gets you where you want to go.

studio discussionThe show continues to cover a diverse range of subjects including traditional transport themes such as walking, cycling, buses, trains and cars, together with important related issues - for instance, local shops, climate change and how to get involved in local decision-making.

More and more people have been getting involved, including Levenshulme cycling expert, Doug, who has become a regular contributor. If you have ideas for what we should cover, or want to get involved - get in contact!

The idea for the programme came out of the Longsight Transport Project, a project in which people in Longsight worked closely with Friends of the Earth to consult the community on transport issues in the widest sense: how they get around and what can be done to make it easier and safer for them.

Graeme and Phil were keen to do something to get people thinking about transport and to allow to have a voice on important issues in a way that didn't involve them coming to lots of meetings. And here it is: through radio and this website, it is possible for people to learn about and get involved in issues that affect them.

On The Move on ALL FM 96.9 Every Tuesday 10am in South Manchester, UK